Friday, September 2, 2016

Ramón Allones - Allones Extra EL 2011

RG: 44 (17,5 mm)
Length: 143 mm
Longfiller, Totalmenta a Mano

Coldsmell / Kaltgruch:
Lightly floral (summer flowers), chocolate flavors, in the background some cedar wood.
Leicht floral (Sommerblüten), Schokoaromen, im Hintergrund etwas Zedernholz.

Impressions / Eindrücke
The cigar starts yummy aromatic. Slightly sweet, with tart aromas of oak.
During the further course chocolate flavors and bit of acid can be detected. The cigar is profound and very tasty.
The flavors partly reminiscent of of marzipan. These impressions maintained until the end, although the sweetness decreases continuously from the beginning.

Die Zigarre startet lecker aromatisch. Leicht süßlich mit herben Holzaromen.
Im weiteren Verlauf sind Schokoaromen und eine minimale Säure feststellbar. Die Zigarre ist tiefgründig und sehr lecker.
Teilweise erinnern die Aromen an Marzipan. Diese Eindrücke halten bis zum Ende an, auch wenn die Süße vom Anfang kontinuierlich abnimmt.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Wir" und die TPD2

Auch wenn es in dem Video von Jogi in erster Linie um die Pfeife geht, betrifft uns Zigarrenraucher das Thema gleichermaßen. Bitte unbedingt anschauen und dann handeln! Es geht um unsere (Zigarren-)Zukunft.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Habanos-Cigars in 2017

Like every year, also this year rumors, which new cigars reach us from Cuba im 2017. Although it is not an official information, it is believed that the list would have to agree for the most part. Particularly in terms of availability, I must doubt. Some will probably come to market in 2018. However, here is the list:

Exklusiv in Duty Free
  • Hoyo de Monterrey - Petit Belicoso, 52 x 125mm, packed in boxes of 15

Edición Limitada 2017
  • Cohiba - Talisman, 54 x 154mm, packed in boxes of 10
  • Partagás - Serie No. 1, 52 x 138mm, packed in boxes of 25
  • Punch - Regios de Punch, 48 x 120mm, packed in boxes of 25

Gran Reserva 2017
  • H. Upmann - Sir Winston, 47 x 178mm, 5000 boxes of 15

Exklusiv for La Casa del Habano
  • H. Upmann - Connoisseur B, 54 x 150mm, packed in boxes of 25
  • Trinidad - La Trova, 52 x 166mm, packed in boxes of 12

Regular cigars
  • Montecristo - Dumas, 49 x 130mm, packed in boxes of 20
  • Montecristo - Leyenda, 55 x 160mm, packed in boxes of 20
  • Montecristo - Maltes, 53 x 153mm, packed in boxes of 20
  • Romeo y Julieta - Petit Royales, 47 x 95mm, packed in boxes of 20 and cardboard boxes of 3
  • Quai D’Orsay - Alma, 54x 135mm, packed in boxes of 10 and 20
  • Quai D’Orsay - Gourmet, 50 x 110mm, packed in boxes of 10 and 20
  • Quintero - Favoritos, 50 x 115mm, packed in cardboard boxes of 3

Special humidors
  • Bolivar - Mundiales, 56 x 160mm, packed in humidors of 115
  • El Rey del Mundo - Imperio, 54 x 180mm, packed in humidors of 50

Source: Cigarworld-Blog

But even here It can be seen the trend towards larger ring sizes. Even with the Cubans. That surprises me a bit. The last tobacco crops were not too good. And when I think that for large formats much tobacco is needed, I'm worried about the availability and/or the quality of the cigars. I personally doubt. But the future will tell.